Jazz Standards for Vibraphone

Arr. Tim McMahon
Hal Leonard

“Think of this book as your vibraphone jazz-standards starter set. Comprising 17 popular jazz and show tunes, this book offers performance notes and suggestions that not only serve as a springboard for experienced, but is accessible by vibraphonists new to the genre.

“This in not a walk-through method book like that of John Metzger, nor is it a lead sheet that has been turned into a black page full of extended chord tones and hot riffs. Each tune is clear in presentation (larger staff and noteheads, fits on two pages without page turns), and well thought out in terms of notes chosen to communicate harmony.

“In Tim McMahon’s simple arrangements, like ‘Bluesette’ and ‘Autumn Leaves,’ non-chord tones and extended melodic runs are kept to a minimum. These simple treatments of jazz standards can effectively introduce beginning ‘jazzers’ to the genre while not scaring them away with the depth and breadth of the language and performance possibilities. Likewise, McMahon’s more advanced treatments, as found in ‘Misty’ and ‘Haunted Heart,’ will also appeal to seasoned players through melodic decorations such as extended runs and quickly shifting chords. Tunes from this collection can serve as an augmentation to a lead sheet, music for a solo recital, or even a catalyst for starting up a jazz combo.”

-Joshua D. Smith
Percussive Notes, March 2013