The Tim McMahon Ensemble

Heavywood 7885

“….McMahon’s band is a swinging, straightforward unit…harmonically blending brass and reeds
in pastel hues. The arrangements allow the harmonic sections to be bathed in melodic finery, thus springing the soloists into soothing open spaces…”

“….McMahon has a very musical mind. He produces delightful melodies capable of calming any angry sea…”

-Frank Rubolino
Cadence, September 2003

“….the songs on this album feature a mellifluous fusion of expressive horn lines embroidered with memorable solos contributed by Mike Wofford (piano)and members of the horn section,particularly Paul Sundfor on saxes and flutes.Throughout, McMahon uses his kit imaginatively, navigating the ensemble throughan emotionally variegated landscape. The result is an album worthy of attention.”

-John R. Raush
Percussive Notes, October 2003

“I first met Tim in 1982 while teaching a jazz improv class at San Diego State University. I remember him being an eager and enthusiastic student with the right amount of seriousness mixed with a joyful attitude. I have watched him grow from a young fledgling to a mature creative musician, drummer, and percussionist worthy of note. This latest effort on his part (Illuminations) shows clearly his talent as a composer and musician. Please take my advice and give a good listen.”

-Charles McPherson
Alto Saxophonist
December 2002

“Tim McMahon is both a remarkable drummer/percussionist and a gifted composer/arranger. His new CD ‘Illuminations,’ with his own ensemble, reflects all these creative talents.”

-Mike Wofford
Jazz Pianist