Walkin’ My Planet

Cult Of Soul

Anthony Smith – piano, keyboards, lead and background vocals, raps, drum and keyboard programming
Tim McMahon – drums, percussion, electric piano on “Deep Down Inside”
Damion Willis – lead and backing vocals
Rod Ratelle – electric bass
Joey Carano – guitar

© 2000 Anthony Smith.
All songs by Anthony Smith.

*co-written by Tim McMahon

  1. Somewhere
  2. World Makes Us That Way
  3. The Simple Things
  4. Vibe of The Night
  5. Jazz Interlewd
  6. Job To Do*
  7. Feels So Good To Know
  8. Gettin’ Tricky
  9. These Are the Days
  10. Turn To Me
  11. Deep Down Inside
  12. Roofless People
  13. Age We Live In
  14. Tinted Hourglass
  15. Corie’s Lament
  16. Roofless Reprise
  17. Walkin’ My Planet
  18. Why You Frontin’